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Your Help Is Essential!

For our jury system to work, it is essential that the courts and employers continue the long-standing partnership that ensures that all citizens are available to serve on juries when called. Without the cooperation of the business community, our system would come to a halt. This is an outcome that a democratic society cannot afford. We would lose a fundamental principle upon which we, private and corporate citizens alike, depend. The importance of your participation cannot be emphasized enough. Cooperation from employers strengthens the jury system.


The jury system works for business, too

Businesses frequently benefit directly from our legal system. The civil litigation system in particular is filled with a variety of business-related disputes. These include actions concerning contracts, wrongful termination, product defects, environmental issues, malpractice, and intellectual fraud.


Employees are protected from harassment or dismissal

As an employer, you must allow an employee time off to serve on a jury. Georgia Law ( 34-1-3) prohibits discrimination against an employee for attending a judicial proceeding in response to a court order or process.


Juror service

The circuit's judges recognize the important contribution of employers to the jury system. Their direction to the administrative support elements is to minimize the time a juror spends in the pre-trial portion of the system. To that end, only the jurors needed for a day's jury operations are required to report on any day. The greater number of those reporting will be released at Noon or very shortly thereafter.