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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you provide any forms?

We do not supply forms. The PT-61 form that is required to accompany the filing of a Warranty Deed or Quit Claim Deed is only available for completion and printing online at gsccca.org.


2. To whom do I make checks payable?

Make checks payable to Gwinnett County Clerk of Court.


3. Do you accept credit or debit cards?

We do not currently accept credit or debit cards, only cash and checks are accepted.


4. What is your mailing address for P.O. Box and Fed Ex\UPS?


Gwinnett County Clerk of Court
P.O. Box 2050
Lawrenceville, GA 30046


Gwinnett County Clerk of Court
75 Langley Drive
Lawrenceville, GA 30046


5. Can you witness and notarize our documents?

No. All documents must be witnessed and notarized before submitting them to our office for recording.


6. Why do I need 2 witnesses?

Georgia Law requires that all deeds and filings on Real Estate records, be signed, witnessed and notarized with a seal.


7. Can I make a single check for the recording fee and taxes due?

No. Separate checks are required for recording fee, transfer tax and intangible tax.


8. How do you fill out a deed?

We cannot assist in the preparation of a deed. If you do not know how to prepare a deed, an attorney may assist in the preparation of the deed.


9. How can I get a copy of my recorded deed (or any document)?

You can access all recorded deeds, liens, plats and UCC’s online at gsccca.org or visit our office at 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville GA 30046. There is a fee to access the website and a $2.50 charge for 1st copy printed, and $1.00 per page after 1st page. There is no charge to search and view documents in our office. $10.00 for each large plat printed.


10. Can I make payment to your office for my lien?

No. You must pay the lienholder or their representative.


11. How do I get a copy of my floor plan?

Contact the home builder for floor plans.


12. Where do I get permits to put up a fence, building, etc.?

Permits are obtained through Planning and Development.


13. Do you report to all credit bureaus?

We do not report to any credit bureau.


14. I have paid off my home loan, when will I get my deed?

When you pay off your home loan, a cancellation of security deed is prepared and recorded by the lender. The Warranty Deed you received shortly after closing remains your ownership deed, unless you recorded a change after the purchase/acquisition. You may print a copy of the Warranty Deed or Cancellation of Security Deed from gsccca.org.