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Filing Activity Notification System (FANS)

Gwinnett County Superior Court Clerk's office in conjunction with the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA) is pleased to offer the Filing Activity Notification System, FANS, providing Georgia citizens with tools to monitor activity regarding their property and records.

FANS is a free, voluntary, opt-in program that can be used to send electronic notifications of filing activity to individuals who create notifications in the system.

To get started, go to https://fans.gsccca.org and follow the prompts. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the FANS, please contact the Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority customer support at 1-800-304-5174 or help@gsccca.org.

We hope you find this service to be beneficial as Gwinnett County Superior Court Clerk’s office continues to explore and implement new ways to improve services delivered to the citizens of Gwinnett County.


1. Is there a fee for this service?

No, this is a free service.


2. How do I register?

Go to https://fans.gsccca.org or visit www.gsccca.org and click on "Learn", then click on "Projects and Programs" and then click on "Filing Activity Notification System (FANS)"


3. Will I need my parcel number?

Not for Name or Address notification. You will need a book and page number for all "Document" notifications. To find your book/page number, go to the Gwinnett Tax Assessor's site at https://gwinnettassessor.manatron.com/IWantTo/PropertyGISSearch.aspx.


4. How long will registration take?

If you choose to register for each type of notification, you must sign up separately. The whole process may take about 30 mins.


5. How will I be notified?

You can choose to receive a notification by email or text message.


6. Will the notification include a copy of what was filed?

No. This system is designed to simply alert you that something has been filed regarding a property you listed. The notification will identify the county that the filing occurred. You must contact the Superior Court Clerk of that county for additional information and/or copies of any documents.


7. Can I register for notices for more than one property?

Yes. Each registration and notice request must be entered separately.