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This map uses google maps in order for you to get the most precise directions. Simply type in your address and select the building that you need directions to.

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Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center
Gwinnett Government Annex Building
Juvenile & Recorder's Court Building
Gwinnett County Detention Center

What is located where?

If you have a summons or notice of hearing it should give you the location of the building where you should appear. If you are looking for a specific service then you may want to telephone to ask which building houses the court or department you are looking for at 770-822-8000. You may also search for more information about county government at www.gwinnettcounty.com. There are many more county buildings than the four listed on this page. If you cannot obtain specific information, we have provided a list of activities and services that may be found taking place at the four buildings that have court activities and services.


Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center

  • Location: 75 Langley Dr SW, Lawrenceville, GA 30046
  • Superior Court and Clerk's Office (Civil, Criminal Felony, Domestic, Adoptions, Garnishments, Appeals, Superior Court Trials and Hearings, No Jail Hearings, No Family Violence)
  • State Court and Clerk's Office (Civil, Criminal Misdemeanor, State Court trial and hearings, No Jail Hearings)
  • Probate Court and Clerk's Office, (Wills, Estates, Guardianships, Marriage, Gun Permits)
  • Magistrate Court Civil Division and Clerk's Office (Civil Case Filings and Hearings, Dispossessory, Debt Collection, Small Claims to $15,000, No Warrants, No Bad Checks, No Jail Hearings, No Family Violence)
  • Jury Division, All Jurors Report Here for Service.
  • County Law Library.
  • Deed and Land Records Room and Personal Property Records
  • Notary Public Certificates
  • Trade Name Registration
  • Tax Commissioner's Office (Property Tax Division and Payment, No Vehicle Registration Payments or Tags)
  • Sheriff's Courthouse Office (Summons and Process Service Division, Court Security Division)
  • District Attorney's Office (All Felony Prosecutions)
  • Solicitor General's Office (State Court Prosecutions, No Traffic Court Prosecutions)
  • County Government Offices (Commissioners and Staff, Human Resources, Finance, Purchasing, IT Division, Tax Assessor)


Gwinnett Government Annex Building

  • Location: 750 South Perry St, Lawrenceville, GA 30046
  • Tax Commissioner's Office (Vehicle Registration and Payments, Tags)
  • Federal Credit Union Office
  • Human Resources Training Center
  • County Extension Service


Juvenile and Recorder's Court Building

  • Location: 115 Stone Mountain St SW, Lawrenceville, GA 30046
  • Juvenile Court and Clerk's Office (Deprived, Unruly, Delinquent Child Cases, and Custody Cases)
  • Recorder's Court and Clerk's Office (DUI, Traffic Cases, County Ordinance Violations)
  • District Attorney's Office for Juvenile Prosecutions
  • Solicitor General's Office for Recorder's Court Prosecutions


Gwinnett County Detention Center

  • Location: 2900 University Parkway, Lawrenceville, GA 30043
  • Sheriff's Main Office (Administration, Warrants, Patrol, Operations, Training, Jail Staff)
  • County Jail and Inmate Housing
  • Superior Court with Clerk's Office, (Family Violence Applications and Hearings Only)
  • Magistrate Court Criminal Division and Clerk's Office (Arrest Warrant Applications, Arrest Warrants for Law Enforcement, Bad Check Filings, First Appearance Hearings, Commitment Hearings or Probable Cause Hearings for Incarcerated Inmates, Bond Hearings)