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Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC)

Philip M. Boudewyns
Court Administrator
E-Mail: Philip M. Boudewyns

Gwinnett County was created in 1818 to honor Button Gwinnett , one of Georgia's signers of the Declaration of Independence. Covering 437 square miles, Gwinnett County was created from Cherokee lands and part of Jackson County. The first county courthouse was the home of Elisha Winn .

The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) was created in 1988 to manage the planning and business functions and the support operations for 16 trial divisions and three limited jurisdiction courts. The agency reports to the court councils, individual judges or the chief judges, and participates in management meetings. In addition to responsibility for financial planning and controls, personnel administration, systems and physical facilities, the court administrator identifies and plans for the changing needs of the courts and contributes to cost-effective management throughout the judicial branch of county government.

The Gwinnett County Treatment Court Program offers sentencing alternatives for criminal defendants charged with crimes that relate to their substance abuse or mental illness. Currently, Gwinnett County has two Drug Courts, a Mental Health Court, and a Veterans’ Treatment Court in Superior Court. We also have two DUI Courts in State Court. The Treatment Court programs offer intensive treatment along with judicial oversight for eligible offenders.

Gwinnett Judicial Circuit - Gwinnett County
Justice & Administration Center
75 Langley Drive
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046-6900

Staff Directory

  Philip M. Boudewyns Circuit Court Administrator
  Phone: 770-822-8564
  Fax: 770-822-8566
Kimberly Ciccaglione Deputy Court Administrator
  Phone: 770-822-8541
  Fax: 770-822-8566
Connaka Raines Director, Court Services
  Phone: 770-822-8287
  Fax: 770-822-8566
Abby Carter Director, Dispute Resolution
  Phone: 770-822-8587
  Fax: 770-822-8588
Murphy Bips Director, Jury Services
  Phone: 770-822-8562
  Fax: 770-822-8569
Hayat Zamayar Court Technology Officer
  Phone: 770-822-8680
  Fax: 770-822-8566
Priscilla Daniels Director, Treatment Court Programs
  Fax: 770-822-8566


  Grace McGowan District Court Administrator
  Phone: 770-533-2153
  Fax: 706-482-0187
Cynthia Clanton State Court Administrator
  Phone: 404-656-5171
  Fax: 404-463-0860